Thursday, 16 November 2017

Feedback on workshops and courses

Write on the Farm workshop, archeological dig, 24th June 2017

It would be lovely to see you at one - or more! - of my workshops and courses. To tempt you, here's some feedback I've received over the past 15 years:

"Brantwood, still the best poetry party in town!" from one very happy participant on last August's poetry course at Brantwood. Plenty more wonderful feedback from Brantwood participants to be added here!

Feedback received from Suffolk Poetry Society members:

"I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the workshop - I found it inspiring and supportive, and you are so warm and such fun as well... thank you so much. I hope to work with you in the future."

"Thank you for a wonderful workshop... and thanks for saying you don’t mind me ‘borrowing’ some of your ideas. I particularly loved the foreign language activity. Genius!"

“About fifteen of us enjoyed a stimulating poetry workshop with Geraldine Green last Friday. The workshop took place at UCS, and was followed by a delicious meal, poetry reading by Geraldine and Open Mic session at Arlington's in Ipswich. 

The day of poetry was organised by Ian Griffiths and The Suffolk Poetry Society. I, for one, came away with pages of draft poems and raw material on subjects as diverse as gooseberries and the Caryatids on the Erechtheion in Athens!

Geraldine's relaxed approach gave us the confidence to experiment, and we enjoyed sharing our efforts - and making new friends in the process. I never cease to be amazed (and impressed!) by the care and neat hand writing employed by some poets in their initial phase of drafting.” – Caroline Gill

and some more rather lovely things about my workshops!

“I've been on Geraldine's face-to-face and online workshops and have also booked her to lead several workshops in the past. All her workshops that I've been to have been inspirational so I highly recommend her as a workshop facilitator. She brings her poetry expertise and knowledge to the workshops so I always come away with poems that I’ve written, but also names of interesting poets to read more of.  

Another thing I love is that Geraldine creates a lovely supportive group in her workshops and manages to include everyone regardless of whether they are experienced or a beginner or have learning disabilities.” - Carol Ross Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

"I thought the (National Trust Create by the Lake) workshop was very well facilitated, you [Geraldine] really encouraged participants to think creatively and to feel comfortable with sharing what they had produced. 

You have a lovely manner with people and we would definitely call on your expertise again with future creative writing events. I really look forward to working with you again in the future. I think it's great to do really creative activities in the outdoors, it worked really well on the site. The only thing that people said in their feedback was more time, so we'll have to think about that again in the future!" -

Naomi Hewitt Project Manager, National Trust Derwentwater Foreshore Project, Keswick, Cumbria

Feedback emailed to me from Anna Turner, from a poetry workshop I ran in October for Calderdale Reader Development and
 the Ted Hughes Festival, Hebden Bridge  In response to the question: "Was there anything you particularly liked about the day?” The following responses were received:
“Giving and receiving feedback from everyone in the groups – esp. Geraldine’s workshop. Everyone feeling confident to comment and risk.”

“Geraldine’s workshop was very warm and friendly”

“I enjoyed the afternoon writing exercises with Geraldine Green”

“Great group with Geraldine Green!”

and some lovely feedback from participants on two 2014 residential creative writing courses: 

JUNE 2014, BODY PARTS with Penelope Shuttle and Geraldine Green Swarthmoor Hall Ulverston, and

SUMMER SOLSTICE POETRY with NY poet George Wallace and Geraldine Green Brantwood Coniston  

- Plus very positive things to say about both venues, Swarthmoor Hall and Brantwood Coniston:

Did the workshop meet your expectations? More than! It was a lovely group of people

Would you recommend it to others? Unreservedly!

Which aspects of the workshop did you like most? Everything!

Geraldine & Penny were fab 5 star tutors

Were the handouts helpful?
·      Yes!
·      More than helpful they were great!

Were the workshops well planned by the tutors?
·      Absolutely!
·      Brilliant!
·      Yes, and very stimulating

Did you enjoy them?
·      Yes, and challenging too

Would you come on this workshop again?
·      Definitely
·      Yes!
·      Yes

Where did you find out about the workshop?
·      Geraldine. I came last year and wanted to come again.
·      From a previous workshop with Geraldine
·      From the internet
·      From Facebook
·      From Penny

Which aspects of the workshop did you like most? The group warmth and collaboration, the fast exercises, i.e. the immediate, time-limited tasks

Would you recommend it to others? Yes!
Yes, for these tutors.

In overall terms did the workshop meet your expectations?
·      Yes, exceeded!
·      100% and more!
·      Exceeded!

Any final thoughts?

·      I feel stimulated and supported, thank you!
·      Thank you so much. I have learned such a lot in 3 days! You have given me the tools and inspiration to move on with my writing. I leave excited, inspired and pen poised. Thank you.

Please contact me via Poetry PF 
if you're interested in my running a creative writing workshop/residential, giving a reading or a talk - thanks.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017


photo: Cumbria Wildlife Trust

From Cumbria Wildlife Trust's website, here's what CWT Jody Ferguson has to say about it:

"During spring and summer 2016 we enjoyed two lovely days at Eycott Hill Nature Reserve with poet and creative writing tutor Geraldine Green and two fantastic groups of writers. 
We explored meadows and bogs, admired vast landscapes and tiny moths, and talked about everything from lichen to lava.

The writing inspired by these wonderful days on the nature reserve is featured in an anthology called The Raspberry and the Rowan which can be downloaded from the link below.
If you’d like a printed copy please email and they’ll be dispatched hot off the press! Printed anthologies are free of charge but donations to Cumbria Wildlife Trust are welcome."

photo of Blencathra by Geraldine Green

Link here for more info on the Cumbria Wildlife Trust's website

Poets on the Hill, Eycott Volcanics, photo by Geraldine Green

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Dalton LitFest 2017

reading 'Shire Horses Mackerel and Memories' from my IDP collection, Salt Road, at the launch of Dalton LitFest, photo by Tom Ashton

Dalton, ancient Capital of Furness a small town on the Furness Peninsula, hosted the first, one-day Dalton LitFest Saturday November 4th. 

But I’m leaping ahead of myself! The launch itself was on Friday 3rd, when poet Kim Moore and I had the pleasure of reading out the winners of the childrens’ poetry and story competitions.

Some of the children came to the front and read what they’d written, stood there: some shy, some confident, some slightly ill at ease, a little embarrassed, in front of the microphone – but they did it! And for me, it was the best part of the evening. It was such a heartwarming moment. Keeping poetry and stories alive through the next generation.

delighted to be invited to read the second section of Sarah Miller's wonderful poem in praise of Dalton, co-written with the people of Dalton. Sarah's poem will be framed and on display in the Town Hall

reading at the open mic, November 4th 2017

And the following night was the open mic. Would people turn up? Would Kim and I have to read to an empty room? Nope! All was fine! It was a firecracker of an evening, accompanied by fireworks bursting and popping outside. We hosted the event to a packed house with around 11 or 12 people signed up to the open mic, including IDP poet Kerry Darbishire, with Kim and I bookending the evening and with wine and cakes flowing …

… well, the cakes didn’t flow! But the poetry did. From boots marching on their own, taking over the world, to Parma violets, to shovelling manure, to bins and snow, fellsides and birds, cafes, suede jackets, curlews and mackerel,Vickers shipyard and scaffolding – poems came and came…

Big thanks to Festival Director Ron Creer, who first mooted the idea to Kim and me, oh months ago! And to Margaret Martindale whose idea it was to host a LitFest in the ancient capital of Furness, Dalton. To all the writers who took part and to the volunteers, but most of all to the people of Dalton and their children.

Here’s wishing everyone good luck for the next Dalton LitFest!


All “Ay-ah love”s and “Alright?”s
Greetings warm as the pies in their shopping bags

Crowds gather at Tudor Square
Hot chippy chipped and salt and vinegar lipped

Buzzing like excited bluebottles
They swarm back towards Dowdales

Sweets, swimming costumes and a wide mouthed frog
Tiny babies splash
Held up by Mermaid Mums and booming Neptune Dads

Giggling Grans with octopus arms
Ready to catch fearless sliders and wobbly doggy paddlers

Outside the streets become a river of dark blue darting fish
One big school moving together, veering off

Where U at? CU in 10
Teenagers move casually from bench to bench
Phones beeping and tapping


Part Two of Sarah Miller’s Commissioned Dalton LitFest poem

photos by Tom Ashton copyright