Friday, 19 May 2017

A Laburnum of Bees, Eskdale Green

Eskdale Green

Took Roydog out for a short stroll last night, 9.15 pm and a cuckoo still calling from Muncaster Fell... a week of walks on the Screes, Illgill Head, Whin Fell, Mitredale Forest, Eskdale Green to Penny Hill Farm (and back), few miles around Ennerdale, another river walk and Muncaster Fell, couple of quick dips in the Esk ...

the scent of May blossom, bluebells and pine in the woods along the Esk, cuckoos calling up and down the valley and across the fells - maybe three or four - a woodpecker drill drill drilling away as we came off the fell side,

any amount of pipits and stonechats, larks calling, a pair of goldfinches, exotic in the strong wind blowing in from the west across Ennerdale water....

and a sheep gather off the fells near Penny Hill Farm, "away away! come come come! ayeayeayeayeaye!!! whistles to the sheepdogs, yows beh-ing, their black lambs bleating an answer,

all this in deep sunshine and blue raced cloudscape over the pink sparkling stone of Eskdale granite ... back to the cottage and the yellow hum of laburnum'd bees

Geraldine Green

copyright of both words and photos: Geraldine Green


  1. ...gorgeous word...laburnum'd...lets get that in the OD!!!love it. x

  2. Thanks Gerry! I love playing with language. Once had this in a poem: "They Fred Astaired round the neighbourhood" gx