Wednesday, 5 December 2018

After the WAYMAKING event, Kendal Mountain Film and Literature Festival, 18th November 2018

reading from Waymaking The Maltroom, Brewery Arts Centre at Kendal Mountain Film and Literature Festival November 2018. Photo: Kevin Moran (copyright)

Thoughts on Kendal Mountain Festival November 2018:

What a weekend! Apart from feeling sad not get to the launch of Watch the Birdie  anthol. (Beautiful Dragons Press, ed. Rebecca Bilkau) at RSPB Leighton Moss on Friday 16th November, I loved every minute of the two events I read at, at  Kendal Mountain Literature Festival. From This Place I Know (Handstand Press, eds. Liz Nuttall, Kerry Darbishire and Kim Moore) reading to yesterday's launch of Waymaking, (Vertebrate Publishing, eds. Helen Mort, Camilla Barnard, Claire Carter and Heather Dawe) from wandering along the sunlit banks of the Kent, hoping to see otters - didn't see any, I live in hope!

- to sitting quietly in Kendal Parish Church before yesterday's reading... enjoying a coffee, chatting to lay preachers about poetry and moments that light you up

- then back to KMLF to plunge into the high energy buzz! It was fab, and I was absolutely thrilled to be part of the readers, listening to women's tales of adventure... from bike to ice, to falls, to moments of synaesthesia*, (I can identify with this!) kayaking, running, visiting First Nation peoples, to pondering on the body, on pain and endurance...

Big thanks to Paul Scully, Claire Carter, Heather Dawe, Camilla Barnard, Helen Mort, AlpKit,  all at Vertebrate Publishing and Kendal Mountain Film and Literature Festival, Jacquie Scott (Director), all the wonderful readers, organisers, editors, publishers and especially to the lively, friendly audiences on both days... I'm feeling so buzzed, I need a swim!

channelling Mum's words! "But words are magic, too" Photo: Kevin Moran (copyright)


Still buzzing from the weekend! Lesson plan, handouts, writing prompts for Saturday's Write on the Farm workshop - sorted! Had a wild, leaf-skittering stride through Conishead Priory woods this morning, onto the beach, tide just turned, waves flinging themselves about... with the blown around leaf-crisps swirled up into air, I felt part of the wind and the sea...

... back home, quick turnaround and off to Birkrigg where I did a spot (spot being the operative word here!) of running, that adrenalin buzz from KMLF is still whizzing around my body!

Watched two jays nut-gathering in a field, hopping back and forth, heads cocked, pause, then quick beak-stab down... snowdrop shoots were pushing up near the dog graves... way too early, surely. Sat for a while, in calm, under the Cedar of Lebanon... thought about what poems to read at the Wordsworth Trust on Wednesday 21st, ... clouds, grey and white against a mauve-pink sky...

leaves fallen from next door’s beech tree means I can now see Birkrigg from my window.

Geraldine Green, 19.11.2018

*“In these catalytic moments it’s possible to feel the colour brown instead of smelling that newly dug flowerbed, or embody green when the rising sap of a young birch tree reaches out”, ‘Rewilding’ by Lee Craigie, p.66-67, fr. Waymaking Vertebrate Publishing

All royalties will be split equally between two charities: Rape Crisis the John Muir Trust.

Photo: Kevin Moran (copyright)

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