Tuesday, 1 August 2017

"Work that shines with joy", a few words about Salt Road by Penelope Shuttle

Salt Road

Geraldine Green’s passion for and knowledge of the natural world and its spiritual energies has its roots and takes its cue from home ground, her native Cumbria.  She has noted her ‘long and deep connection’ with Cumbria. She draws inspiration from light over water, tidal energy, the intent of the land combined with rich tellings of family and local memory.  But her poems and prose-poems also travel the roads and the seas:  from Cumbria to Kansas, New Mexico, Spain, Greece, New York, Skye and Turkey.  Her poems are also peopled with those she has met on her travels.  This poet takes her place in contemporary poetry with work that shines with joy in and respect for language.  The vitality of life’s many experiences are evoked here with all the senses.

Penelope Shuttle


You can buy Salt Road from  Indigo Dreams Publishing

“What a magical book.  Geraldine’s poetry and prose explores and captures the feel, texture, smell of natural beauty where ever it is to be found.  It’s especially evocative of her own home ground on the South coast of Cumbria overlooking Morecambe Bay, but it ranges across the world following her own journeys.  It pulses with energy, and a boundless enthusiasm, that makes you hunger for more.”

- Sir Chris Bonington

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