Monday, 2 October 2017

"Digging Deeper" a 10 x week creative course at Dallam, Adult Ed. Heversham

Creative Writing with Geraldine Green

 ‘Digging deeper’ - explore and expand your creative writing process!

This 10 x week course with Dr. Geraldine Green will include the following areas:

1.         close reading of your own writing, plus critical analysis of published writers’ work. (handouts provided).
2.         sessions on your own creative writing process
3.        relationship/tension between form and content
4.        writing prompts to stimulate new writing
5.        any other areas that the group would like to explore.

The structure of the 10 x week course will include the following- see below -  although I’m flexible and happy to take on board participants’ suggestions as the course unfolds. 

* Close reading of your own writing plus critical analysis of published writers’ work (handouts provided of published writers’ work) 

* ‘What’s your creative process?’ An exploration of when and how you write. This could include: aspects of: 
"inspiration/influence/invention/imagination/role modelling without imitation or plagiary"   

* The relationship between subject/content and structure/form (can include close reading of own writing) 

* A more in-depth exploration of genres, this can include some of the following: prose, autobiography, prose poems, long lines, other poetic forms,children’s stories, short stories, flash fiction etc. (with writing prompts and handouts) x 2 weeks

* Performance and publication (optional), you may wish to continue exploring some of the above points.



WEEK ONE: Thursday September 28th, 2017

10am-11.15am - Welcome! Names and Introduction to “Digging Deeper”.

“Which genre do you write in?” You will be asked which genre/s you write in, followed by close reading of ONE piece of work you’ve brought in. No longer than one side of A4 please! Thanks.

Please bring with you at least six copies of the ONE piece of your own writing that you’d like to be workshopped by the group and tutor. You may ask the School Office to copy your work for you. (Thanks Kerry.)

11.15am – 11.30am (approx.) BREAK

11.30am-12 noon – Discussion of two pieces of writing by published authors writing in a specific genre, followed by a writing prompt.

Handouts will be provided.

Home work will be given if the group want it.

Please note: there will be no class on Thursday October 5th as I have a prior teaching commitment at Brantwood Coniston.

 Looking forward to seeing you all on September 28th!

Geraldine Green 14.9.2017

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